Turtle Cavern – A Unique Site for Diving in Sipadan Island

Turtle Cavern Sipadan Island Malaysia

Turtle Cave or Turtle Cavern is what adds a great deal in making Sipadan Island a unique diving site in Malaysia. From colorful and soft coral reefs with sharks and barracudas, the marine is rich in a variety of creatures that make your diving experience one hell of an adventure.

Among the most popular underwater sightings stands this Turtle Cave, which can be found as deep as 18 meters in the Island of Sipadan.

Detailed Overview of Turtle Cavern

However, this diving site in Sipadan Island is for professional divers and it is recommended that you take a dive instructor or a guide along, the dive offerings schemes will definitely provide with one. This guide will brief you all the basic knowledge that you must know before taking dive into Turtle Cavern.

Thanks to the mind-blowing Geological formations, Turtle Cave is one of the wonders of Sipadan Island. The turtle cave is situated about 18 meters deep. The cave initially goes down in a bell shaped parentage leading into a lower chamber. On the left side of this Cavern is a tunnel that connects it with a Turtle Tomb. This is a small cave sanctuary with plenty of turtle and dolphin skeletons. These skeletons belong to the turtles and dolphins who mistakenly enter the cave and then can’t find their way to the exit. They are wedged and eventually die.

Getting around the dive site is very simple and even though it is just a few meters about to the Sipadan jetty in the South, a boat is available that takes you a few meters into the sea, from there is a drop off entrance underwater, which is 22 meters deep. Even though the inexperienced divers will not be considered suitable for diving in Turtle Cavern, there are warning signs down below too that warns the depth and pressure to be too much for novice divers who might not be able to handle.

The same warning goes for those without complete and proper equipment. On entering the central tunnel, you will find a cavern opening. This opening is 10 meters wide and can be seen clearly due to visible waters. Once inside the cave, you will find many small tunnels and openings that have very deep penetrations. These penetrations reach deep down into the ridge.

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In the Middle of the large chamber, the first of the turtle skeletons will be seen in the coloration of a spherical hole. This hole is around two meters in width. This is where you enter and further descend down into a bell shaped vertical tunnel. This tunnel further leads towards a white sand bed. This is a sandy bed, and you need to be very careful so as to avoid disturbing the sand. This is because the sand, once bothered can bring the visibility of this particular area to zero. This is where you will find some turtle skeletons are fully intact with shells and skulls.

This deep within a reef has a very eerie sight to offer. The geological formations will catch you with amazement while you spiral around inside the bell shape tomb. In here, you may also see dolphin skeletons, lying on a slopping barricade on a shelf. This is where you might want to spend most of your time and never get fascinated enough.

However, on your way back, you will have to leave through the core entrance that you came down from. While ascending upwards in the reef wall, you will come across several turtles swimming by. You further swim up north back to the beach. This marks the exit of the oceanic venture from where you may walk a short distance back towards the Borneo Divers.

Hope the above discussed guide about Turtle Cavern on the Sipadan Island will assist you on a great diving adventure. The diving is definitely one of the recommended things to do in Sipadan Island. If you have dived in Turtle Cavern and would like to share your diving experience, please add comments below.

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