The Turtle Tomb – Diving Paradise in Sipadan Island

Turtle Tomb Sipadan Island Malaysia

Turtle Tomb is known as a diving paradise in Sipadan Island of Sabah Malaysia. The Sipadan Island or Pulau Sipadan is renowned as the top 10 diving destinations in the world. Diving through the mysterious cave system over here is one memorable experience that one must have at least once in their life time. Situated just off the Sipadan Island this mysterious diving site has been a Warren of passages that runs through the ridges. Turtle tomb is situated 20meters deep below the water.

Overview of The Turtle Tomb

This kind of venture is not an ordinary one and definitely not recommended for inexperienced or weak hearted ones. The entire dive down below to 20m where the turtle’s bones and skulls are littered all about, is one hell of a journey with a lot of dead ends.

To minimize the danger, there are warning signs that indicate the dangers at certain places beyond the entrance. Moreover, it is also highly advised that the divers are fully equipped and take an instructor along. There is a high chance you one losing their way in the silts. It was closed down temporarily after a diver lost his life during the exploration.

As creepy as it sounds, the turtle cave or turtle tomb, is one of the world’s most beautiful wonders that cannot be found anywhere. These caves are very colorful and indicate the water levels over time, unlike any other limestone caves. The turtle tomb is also one of the recommended diving sites of Sipadan Island.

Deep under the water, at 20m there is a narrow passageway that leads to the turtle tomb. At this tomb you will find many turtle skeletons, these turtles unfortunately enter into the cave and because the cave is very long, the turtles or dolphins can’t find their way out, get trapped and eventually die.

The inside of the tomb is unbelievably striking, the sandy bottom and bright ceilings, that when flashlight falls on which, enhances the colors of the cave. There are small shelves like spaces in the caves where usually eels, fish, lobsters, snappers and shrimps live.

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Inside the turtle caves in Sipadan Island, there are interconnected passageways, each leads to a site worth visiting. The easily accessible place is the turtle cavern. This cavern is exceptionally dangerous, and the divers are already warned beforehand through the signs and indications outside this ghoulish cavern. The turtle tomb of Sipadan Island itself is the hardest to reach, since it is deep down the passageway and can only be reached with a companionship of a guide or an instructor.

Inside the Turtle Cavern, you will be thrilled to see the eerie and dark atmosphere with skeletons on dolphins, marlins and turtles. The divers are advised to move carefully without disturbing the sandy surface that can make the water visibility to zero. Which is why, only a trained diver is considered most suitable for taking this venture.

This is why, taking pictures in here is very difficult and require a lot of care to keep from disturbing the waters and the sand from rising and silting up the cavern. From the dive down to the cave in all the way up from the exit way is an adventure that one must have once in their life. This cavern, no matter how perilous is always occupied by divers that come down in endless numbers to enthrall themselves with this creepy yet unique turtle’s last resting place.

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In a word of caution, the divers who wish to explore the wonder of the turtle tomb 20m below the water, they must have two tanks of full air at least along with rechargeable strong flashlights. They must be trained and accomplished diving before is a prerequisite. The cave divers must dive along an instructor who is very familiar with the extensive cave system.

The divers are usually very excited and have a strong nerve for risks and adventures, their over confidence and excitement makes them explore this part of the attraction without considering the precautions, and this kind of excitement can be fatal. At all conditions, the divers must realize the importance of considering all the necessities and precautions and should take a dive buddy along.

The turtle cave has claimed many lives of the divers that lost their way into the mausoleums of the cave and panicked. Nonetheless, the cave still stands as a great fascination for the divers and the bitter reality that it will keep claiming the lives of many marine creatures remains certain.

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