Sipadan Water Village Resort – A Unique Experience to Guests

Sipadan Water Village Resort

Sipadan Water Village Resort is built right on the water, standing just above the surface of water. This resort is only one of its kinds on the island, very much attractive for its uniqueness and preferred by tourists at large, especially couples. Those coming on honeymoon, find this place highly romantic and exotic to spend their memorable time.

Overview of Sipadan Water Village Resort

If you are still not convinced with its beauty and serene ambiance, then read on to know more about the exclusive Sipadan Water Village Resort. This might help you in planning a vacation here:

Construction and Interior

The Sipadan Water Village Resort is a wooden stilted resort constructed over the shallow water of Mabul Island. The beautiful and abundant waters of the Celebes Sea can be seen gently lapping underneath your chalet. In Mabul, this is the first resort of its type that features thatched palms as the roof of the chalet and traditional Bajau architecture.

All the rooms in the chalet are connected by walkways made of wood so getting around the common places of the chalet is very easy. The walkways are beautifully ornamented with beautiful flowers that makes the chalet a very pretty and cozy place to spend quality time in. The view that your private balcony of the chalet offers is truly fascinating, the amazing colorful fish in the water underneath your chalet or just a gaze at the enormous Bornean skyline is breathtaking.

The Sipadan Water Village Resort is a chalet that offers a range of accommodation standards to choose from. It offers from a grand and luxurious chalet with a beautiful Jacuzzi spa bathroom, to a standard but spacious chalet.


While the shore dives are complimentary, means you will not be charged for it, all the other diving sites of Sipadan Island are very close to the resort.

At the Sipadan Water Village Resort, expect all your needs to be catered. From food to entertainment and comfort time, this beautiful resort has all that to ensure a perfect holiday or a tour for a family or tourists. You will find from a bar and souvenir shop to massage center and a lounge with comfortable sofa set and furniture where you can sit and avail the internet access.

The WiFi Internet is free in the resort that can be used in the lobby, if you have your own laptops you will not have to pay since the resorts own PC’s are charged a small amount for being used. This Internet is of great eminence for those who would love to stay connected with their families and friends.

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To be more specific, this resort includes restaurant and a bar with an available daily newspaper, free use of Wi-Fi Internet, Massage center that offers foot and body massage, there is a souvenir and gift shop, an information center and Kiosk, telephone, fax and laundry services. Baby-sitting service is also offered and is complimentary along with baby cots. Last but not the least, there is a helipad too, for both private use and emergency services.

The restaurant at the resort is open-air and circular in design that allows you to enjoy your meal in a soothing atmosphere and beautiful views of the shallows of Pulau Mabul.

Food and Restaurants

All the three times of meal, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, are served in buffet style. Made with fresh ingredients, the menu has a variety of items belonging to both international as well as Asian cuisines. Moreover, to keep you entertained and satisfied between the meals, there are tea and coffee along with the snacks, too. All the food served in the resort is by all means halal. From Malaysian and Bajau specialties, to American breakfast and a meal consisting of burgers and steaks, to soups, salad and desserts. A Vegetarian can choose their choice of dishes from the buffet or may as well order from a la carte.

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Precautionary Measures for the Divers

To ensure the utmost safety of the divers, the resort has two emergency oxygen supplies. The diving boat carries one of the oxygen supplies, while the other one remains at the Sipadan Water Village Resort. For suspected DCI sickened patients, there is a boat which is always on standby for emergency situations that can transfer the afflicted to the nearby Sempora for immediate medical treatment.


Situated on the beachfront at the north of Mabul Island, Sipadan Water Village Resort can be easily reached by means of a speedboat. It takes about 40 minutes to get from Sempora to the resort in Mabul Island in a speedboat. However, the return transport is the responsibility of the resort to transfer their visitors from Mabul Island to all the ways to Tawau Airport in Sempora.

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No matter what, at least one should plan a stay at this exclusive and exotic resort on Sipadan Island. You will for sure not regret your decision.

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