Sipadan is Ranked among the Top 10 Diving Sites of the World

Sipadan Island, top 10 diving destination in the world

Sipadan Island or Pulau Sipadan is a very beautiful isle situated at the East Coast of Malaysia Borneo in Sabah, and if you are fond of exploring islands rich in marine life, you must definitely add Sipadan Island to your bucket list. The first and foremost, Sipadan island is renowned for scuba diving. So all those people who are interested in recreational activities like snorkeling and scuba diving will be delighted to come here. Sipadan Island is the most popular place in all of Malaysia and is known to offer the best scuba diving.

Adventure lovers from every corner especially come here to experience the pleasure of scuba diving and they leave completely exhilarated. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you get a chance to visit Sipadan Island and go scuba diving in the place which is ranked amongst the highest in the world? In simple words, it will be a divers dream come true to go scuba diving here in this miraculous island which is known for its fantastic underwater wonderland.

Sipadan Island: World’s Top 10 Diving Sites

Sipadan Island had the honor to be placed among the top 10 diving sites of the world in 2013. This listing was basically featured by Lonely Planet and was announced on 13th April 2013 in which Sipadan Island achieved 5th ranking among others. This ranking added more to its value and to the recognition of Tourism Malaysia overall.

Why Sipadan Island achieved this Place?

As per the excerpts of Lonely Planet, Pulau Sipadan has some of the best and amazing diving spots. This beautiful island will blow your mind as you take a trip to its glorious underwater world. It is a home to some of most exquisite marine life and pelagic creatures because Sipadan is the only Island in Malaysia with an ocean. Also, it is quite rare to come across the sea turtles but there are a wide range of diving spots here where you can find an amazing cluster of sea turtles.

While scuba diving, you will come across endless species of fishes and sea creatures under water and it will be impossible for you to keep track of all the species. You can find a rich reef life underwater with both soft and hard coral that looks extremely beautiful.

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If you are very lucky you will be able to witness Jackfish or Barracuda “tornadoes” as they keep changing directions. Other than that there are tons of Leopard Sharks and Hammerheads along with a variety of Sea Turtles, Humphead Parrot Fishes, Eagle Rays and the like. Sometimes you can even see whale sharks from a distance so it is advisable to be careful.

It will be a bad idea to go scuba diving in the monsoon season as the rain wipes away the visibility of the marine life and you will not be able to enjoy. The rates are comparatively high but it is definitely worth the experience as you are scuba diving in one of the best diving spots all over the world.

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A Few Recommended Diving Spots of Sipadan Island

Below are some of the recommended diving spots of Sipadan Island:

Barracuda Point:

You will be extremely fortunate to avail a chance to go diving at Barracuda Point as it is classified under the best 5 diving sites in all over the world. The Barracuda Point got its name from the thousands of barracudas you can find here. The enormous shoal of Barracuda projects a tornado like image which is so entertaining and mind blowing that it will make your eyes pop out of your sockets. As you swim your way across the ocean you will witness the beautiful and scintillating hard and soft corals amidst the wide species of fishes, and truly, it is very mesmerizing.

South Point:

Then there is the amazing South Point with its astonishing wall formed by corals and pelagic creatures, so if you plan on going scuba diving early morning then South Point is the place you must choose to come. You can find some exquisite Manta Rays and Hammerhead Sharks at a depth of almost 40 meters, right after sunrise. These rare breeds of Hammerhead Sharks and Bumphead Parrot Fishes are hard to locate so consider yourself lucky if you spot even one of them.

The Turtle Cavern will take you across a hoard of turtle skeletons as you make way into the front of the tunnel. There is a reason you will find so many skeletons; the immense number of turtles that enter the cave are sometimes incapable of finding their way out of the cave, hence they simply starve to death.


If you want to see the intriguing coral life of Sipadan Island then come aboard to Mid-reef, which although not in Pulau Sipadan, is situated at the east of the island in Kapalai. The scene is predominated by some vibrant Moorish idols, sea fans and anemone fishes, along with a whole school of Unicornfish, Redtooth Triggerfish and Bannerfish as they race towards the edge of the wall.

Few efforts have been made for the safety and preservation of Sipadan Island, such as organizing a permit system to enter Sipadan Island, which restricts the number of divers to just 120 per day. The divers can visit Sipadan Island for scuba diving anytime between 6:00am to 4:00pm, and the same timings are applicable for normal visitors as well.

The rick marine life and untouched coral reef has made Sipadan Island one of the top 10 diving destinations in the world. If you have visited Sipadan Island and would like to share your experience or recommend a diving site, please add comments below. We have listed down some of the islands in Malaysia as well, recommended for snorkeling & scuba diving.

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