Sipadan Liveaboard – A Must Do Activity on Sipadan Island

Sipadan Liveaboard Guide

Sipadan Island or Pulau Sipadan in the state of Sabah, Malaysia is famous for its serene beauty and for offering the best diving opportunities at its amazing diving spots. However, apart from many other activities to do in Sipadan Island, you can also sail in its one and only Sipadan Liveaboard.

Sail in the Sipadan Liveaboard

The only Sipadan Liveaboard operating on the island is the MV Celebes Explorer. Though there has been complaints regarding the lack of maintenance on the boat, yet this is the best way to spend one of your greatest times in Sipadan Island.


You will get the opportunity to get to the most beautiful diving sites of Sipadan Island; this is due to the fact that this boat has earned many park diving permits. Which means you can dive just as many times as you like. However, the best thing about getting at Liveaboard is that there is no restriction on the number of dive or days you can dive in. At Sipadan Liveaboard, you can dive all days of the week, except on Sundays.

Interior and Structure

The MV Celebes Explorer Liveaboard was built in 2001. This yacht of wooden mono-hull motor can accommodate up to 16 people. For being quite old, this is not a luxurious boat to be on, so in order to enjoy your guaranteed unlimited number of dives, you will have to compromise on the comfort and choose to get on this sub-standard live aboard.


Nonetheless, there are all the basic facilities on the boat like air conditions, televisions and music systems, restaurants and cabins. You can relax on the deck after spending a fun filled and exciting day diving in Sipadan Island area.

Moreover, you can enjoy flipping pages of the books in the small library on board depicting colorful marine life, or enjoy a relaxing body massage in the saloon. The spectacular views from the shaded seating’s on the deck are truly memorable, especially at times of sunset.


To be more specific, the live aboard has a total of eight cabins that are of good standard. There are 2 cabins with queen size double bed and 6 cabins with twin or double beds. The ones with queen-size bed have windows towards the main deck and the ones with twin beds had portholes on the lower deck.

Furthermore, the cabins are all fully equipped with basic essentials like air conditioning, bathrooms with hot shower and other necessities like towels and soap. There are shelves and mirror, a safety box, life jackets and fire detectors.

The Sipadan Liveaboard crew is complete, which includes a leader, a coach, two plunge masters, a captain, there are two of each cook, engineer, stewardess and maid.

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Food & Restaurants

The meals are served in the air-conditioned restaurant. Chief meals include breakfast, lunch & dinner. Each is served in a restaurant which is air conditioned. The complimentary eatables offered are Biscuits, bread or toast, tea & coffee, fruit and drinking water. However, you will have to pay for mineral water, Soft or soda drinks, wine, beer and other liquor. You may have to order anything vegetarian in an advanced. You can start availing the catering services on the day you have checked in.

Sipadan Liveaboard is an ideal activity to do on the island, when you want to separately spend some quality time on the sea shore, in a calm and serene environment. Before planning your trip, it is an important for you to know the best time to visit Sipadan Island to ensure you make most of your trip to this paradise island.

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