How to Get to Sipadan Island in Sabah Malaysia

How to get to Sipadan Island in Sabah Malaysia

How to get to Sipadan Island? Yet another astounding island in Malaysia is the Sipadan Island or Pulau Sipadan which is situated at the East Coast of Malaysia Borneo in Sabah. If there is one thing this island is chiefly known for is scuba diving. Sipadan Island is the most renowned isles of Malaysia that is famous to offer the best scuba diving in the world and ranked as top 10 diving destinations in the world. Adventure lovers from every corner especially come here to experience the pleasure of scuba diving which is absolutely thrilling.

The island itself is extremely beautiful with crystal blue water and white sandy beaches. Altogether, Sipadan Island is a place quite likely of taking your breath away with its awe-inspiring views. This mesmerizing island is ranked as one of the top 10 diving spots by divers all across the world. Whereas, the late Jacques Cousteau who happens to be a very popular oceanographer has claimed Sipadan Island as a beautiful piece of art that still remains untouched.

How to get to Sipadan Island

Many people have this question in mind that how to get to Sipadan Island in Malaysia, as tourists usually seek to find assistance, but yet they fail. Therefore, we have discussed in detail below the required details for everyone’s help. Before you plan your trip to the Island, it is important for you to know the best time to visit Pulau Sipadan in order to make most of your trip.

From Tawau Airport

The easiest way to get to Sipadan Island is to fly to Tawau Airport in Sabah as it the closest airport to Pulau Sipadan. It is advisable to grab a flight to Tawau in Sabah from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Kota Kinabalu as it will save your energy and time. Another way to reach Tawau is to opt for buses, taxis and minivan services available from the northern towns of Sabah like Sandakan, Kota Kinabalu and Lahad Datu.

Upon your arrival at Tawau, your next destination should be Semporna Island (Approx journey time from Tawau to Semporan is 90 minutes). From Semporna, you will have to catch the speed boat to Mabul Island (Approx journey time from Semporan to Mabul is 45 to 60 minutes).

From Kota Kinabalu

If you are traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Sipadan Island, you can easily catch a flight to Tawau Airport. The total journey time is about 2 hours 45 minutes and there is a daily flight available. Alternatively, you can fly to Kota Kinabalu from Kuala Lumpur and then take a bus or flight to Tawau. It will take you only 50 minutes to reach if you travel by air from Kota Kinabalu. You must make sure that you flight disembarks no later than 2pm if you wish to make it to the island on the same day.

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Few Restrictions you Must Take Care of

Though you know now how to get to Sipadan Island, but still there are certain restrictions that you need to follow. Few efforts have been made for the safety and preservation of the Island, such as organizing a Pulau Sipadan permit system which restricts the number of divers to 120 per day. The island is small and although it accommodates more than 120 people, it does not because it has its own maintenance policy. From January 1st 2005, Sipadan Island no longer has any resorts on it for the purpose of protecting the island from being harmed.

All the resorts have been shifted to Mabul Island and Kapalai Island so for accommodation purposes you will have to go back to either of these islands. The divers can visit Sipadan Island for scuba diving anytime between 6am to 4pm, and the same timings are applicable for normal visitors as well.

Being Malaysia’s only marine island, Sipadan Island occupies a small space and rises only 700m from the sea. If you wish to take a walk all around the island it will barely take you 25 minutes to take a full round; that is how small the island is. What is most fascinating about Sipadan Island is the vast diversity of marine life that reflects from the darkness of the open sea.

It is quite an attractive sight as you the oceanic life from a distance. Crystal clear water encloses the island and you are bound to find some extremely rare and astonishing species in this hidden trove of treasure. Sipadan Island can rightly be called a treasure island.

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All over the island you will find exotic crustaceans scattered here and there such as the incredible coconut crabs that are bustling in the undergrowth. While you are scuba diving you will encounter the remarkable bump head parrotfish and turtles as well as the barracudas. These wonderful species amidst the beautiful coral island add a whole new charm to scuba diving.

The beauty of this island cannot be ignored and hence, now as you know how to get to Sipadan Island, then you should not waste your time anymore in planning a vacation here. For further reading you can checkout Sipadan Facts & Essential Information.

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