Best Time to Visit Sipadan Island in Sabah Malaysia

Best time to visit Sipadan Island Malaysia

What is the best time to visit Sipadan Island? Sipadan is graded as one of the best diving destinations in Malaysia. It is a delightful island having blue skies, charming beaches and splendid weather. It is covered in tropical rainforests and is famous as the Marine Paradise because of its crystal-clear water with very rich aquatic diversity. The Sipadan Island is also ranked among the top 10 diving destinations of the world.

It is a home to many species of fish and has a very high range of sea turtles. Amid the fish species are jacks, barracudas, big-eye trevallies, bump-head parrot fishes, giant mantas, eagle rays, tunas along with several species of sharks such as hammerhead sharks, whales and white-tip sharks. To enjoy so many things around, you need to first need to know the best time to visit Sipadan Island.

Best Time to Visit Sipadan Island

Sipadan Island is accessible all through the year. It is famous for diving purposes and it is the major attraction there, then it is very much necessary to know the best time to visit Sipadan Island. The diving hours at Sipadan Island are 6am to 4pm, yet diving at night is not allowed. During the months of January and March the weather is uneasy and quite unpredictable, making it problematic for the divers to dive while through April and June the weather is satisfying. Yet through the course of May and August, the green and hawksbill turtles habitually lay their eggs on the beaches.

However, if you want to avoid the crowed, you should consider visiting the island during mid-December and mid-February as there are lesser crowds and less haste because of the rainy season. Consequently the probability of getting a permit is higher during this period. Yet diving in rainy season could be little challenging as the rain generates more disturbances in the water and gives rise to bigger water waves. Even travelling from Semporna in a boat could become bouncy and difficult. The rainy season lessens the visibility of water and the prominence of divers.

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The Struggle for Acquiring a Permit

However, since 2004 the resorts at Sipadan Island were transferred to the adjoining islands of Mabul and Kapalai at the order of the Malaysian Government and a Permit Quota System was presented under the authority of the Sabah Parks. Since then it has become very grim to visit PUlau Sipadan as the figure of permits issued per day are very limited to the entirety of people who desire to visit it. Thus, the tourists who would luckily get a permit would be relocated to Sipadan through small boats. Read more about getting Sipadan Island Permit.

Semporna Island

Mabul Island and Kapalai Island are approximately 15 km from Sipadan Island. However, lodging is really expensive at Mabul and Kapalai. Consequently the budget vacationers who could not meet the expense of accommodation at these Islands often tend to lodge at the village of Semporna which obliges as an entrance to Sipadan Island. It is the main route through which all tourist traffic flows.

Semporna Island is approximately at an hour drive from Tawau town and about 36 km from Sipadan Island. Usually the conveyance from Tawau is contained within the reservation packages of some luxurious resorts .The specialty of Semporna is fish and there are numerous fish eateries which offer enchanting meals at very judicious prices.

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As you know now the preferred and suitable time to visit this beautiful and happening island on earth, then you need to plan your vacations accordingly. Your schedule should match the best time as discussed above. If you have already planned your trip, it is a good time to know about best diving sites in Sipadan Island and recommended things to do in Sipadan Island.

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