Barracuda Point – Your Ultimate Diving Point in Sipadan

Barracuda Point Sipadan Island Malaysia

Barracuda Point is one of the famous and beautiful diving site in the Sipadan Island. It is located to the North-Eastern side of Sipadan Island and the only jetty found in the Island. Barracuda Point can be reached by a boat from a nearby Sipadan Island . It takes a couple of minutes to get to the barracuda from the main beach at Pulau Sipadan.

Barracuda Point in Detail

You can imagine by the name alone what this unique dive site would be like; this area is very much prone to barracudas and tornado’s. Apart from these thrill inducing barracudas, there is more to the Barracuda Point than just the rich aqua marine life. From a variety of fragile colorful corals and midriff to green turtles in the water that you shall see on your snorkeling venture of Sipadan Island. There are two points that allow diving for snorkeling, one is the jetty drop-off, and the other is at South point Midreef.

Other than the turtles and corals that you would see in plenty, you will also come across the bushy feather of stars, whip fans, tube sponge surrounded by soft coral and black coral and hard coral. Not to forget the sharks that are casually soaring on the bottom of the sea bed, at about 15 meters down. At this point where you can get the closest to the shark, you may as well take as many photos under water as you like if you have a waterproof camera. Be very careful and slow, one rough move and shoo the sharks away.


The sea is no less in abundance when it comes to the variety in the fish species under water, from Stocky Anthias to Butterfly Fish, an Eel and Bat Fish to Clown Fish and Angelfish. The water would only be visible to as less as 10 meters at most, which makes the visibility of the water poor, nonetheless, the dive or the snorkeling experience is very promising and fulfilling.

Barracuda Point being known as one of the world’s best diving sites, is a suitable dive site for those who know how to swim with a current or a tide or have an experience of minimum 50 dives. In any condition, you have to be very careful since the currents and tides here are very rough and capricious. In case the sea seems rough, diving is not recommended.

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The diver, once entered the water, swims for about 50 meters on the surface, then dives in on seeing a drop off to the right side. On the left side is the sand surface where angel sharks are frolicking about or dug in the sand. You have to be very observant and watch out for angel sharks, they are usually very deeply dug into the sands. After a continuous swim you will arrive at a small channel that shall lead you into a canyon. This canyon drops down to 27 meters in depth. The endless number of fish and walls on both the sides is just a spectacular view.

This canyon ends at a sandy bottom, where you will again find many fish. Below at 30 meters depth is a formation of a large rock form. This is where barracudas are supposed to be found. This is the area where you will also find sting ray fish, angel sharks and eagle ray fish.

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You will have to swim all the way back up to the coast and for that you might have to assist a compass. Getting out is the hardest part of the dive since there are no other exit points, and one that is, is about 300 meters to the south.

The other popular diving sites in Sipadan Island apart from Barracuda Point are Turtle Tomb & Turtle Cavern.

It is highly recommended that you go along a guide or a diving instructor since they are very familiar with the underwater where-about of Sipadan Island. If you are an enthusiastic diver then Barracuda Point is the right place for you. Dive in and explore the underwater life, play with them and have fun.

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