Pulau Sipadan Island Permits for Diving and Snorkeling

Pulau Sipadan Island Permits

Sipadan Island or Pulau Sipadan is one of the most famous diving spots in the world. Tourists and divers from all across the globe are welcomed here. It is wrapped in thick rainforests and is a shelter to many birds and aquatic creatures such as Barracudas, Trevally, Bump-head Parrotfish and Turtles. Sipadan Island brings in a lot of opportunities and amusements for the visitants because of its encouraging location and favorable climate.

To getting Pulau Sipadan Island Permits, most of the diving resorts on the island were based on Sipadan. The guests lodging at either one of the diving resorts were permitted to dive easily and as a result Sipadan had become over-crowded and it caused great disturbances to the marine life.

The Marine Conservation Society considered the matter and after profound investigation, they devised that the marine life was greatly influenced and troubled by the increased action of divers. Although it was an amusement for the divers, yet it was sustaining excessive harm to the marine ecosystem and the incessant human intrusion restricted it to survive the issue.

Detailed Overview of Pulau Sipadan Island Permits

We have discussed in detail below about the Pulau Sipadan Island Permits. Since its initiation to its current status in Sipadan Island, we have gathered relevant information. Read on to know about it:

Introduction to Permit Quota System

However, the Malaysian Government took swift measures to shield the marine ecosystem of Pulau Sipadan from more destruction and commanded the transfer of all the diving resorts in Sipadan by the end of 2004. Thus, most of the resorts were relocated, on the Mabul Island and one on Kapalai Mataking and in 2006 a license quota scheme was announced whereby a visitor required a permit for diving at Sipadan Island. Ever-since the guests are fetched to Sipadan Island by boats from these resorts.

The issuance of Pulau Sipadan Island permits are authorized by Sabah Parks. A single permit would allow an individual to visit or snorkel at Sipadan Island for a single day only. Sabah Parks issues only 120 permits a day, which is divided among different diving resorts. The division of the permits is based on the size of the resorts. It is the resort’s duty to succumb the name and other information of a guest to Sabah Parks for the issuance of a license. However, not every visitor lodging at a resort gets a permit.

Diving Resorts and the Number of Permits

Borneo Divers Mabul Resort, Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort, Sipadan Water Village Resort and Sipadan-Mabul resort are delivered 14 permits each while Sea ventures Dive Resort, Sipadan Liveaboard, The Reef Dive Resort and Roach Reefs Resort are each allotted 11, 13, 7 and 6 permits respectively.

Budget Tour Operators and their Permit Quota

Some of the Pulau Sipadan Island permits are issued to Budget tour operators such as the Bharman Sipadan which is allotted 6 permits and Borneo Jungle River Island Tours, Scuba Junkie, North Borneo Dive are assigned 7 permits each.

Early Bird Catches the Worm System

Initially, the resorts trailed a method of issuing the Pulau Sipadan permits through which a diver would book a room early, would be allotted the dates on which he could visit and dive at Sipadan. Those who would get the reservation early would get the advantage from the scheme while the latecomers would scarcely get a chance to acquire the permit. This system would frequently disappoint the latecomers and they would often terminate their agreements.

Rotation System

Even during the peak seasons 120 permits would not be sufficient as there could be more than 500 guests in all the resorts together. Therefore, a rotation system is attained by the resorts where the permits are issued without favoritism and there are less chances of any misunderstanding. According to this method, a visitor having a longer stay at a resort is more likely to avail the opportunity whereas a guest having a reservation lesser than 3 nights is less likely to get a permit.

How to Increase the Probability of Acquiring a Sipadan Permit

As the resorts adapted the rotation scheme, there are definitely elements that have to be taken care of, in order to upsurge the likelihoods of receiving a Sipadan Island permit. Reserving a longer and an earlier booking would make it more probable. Yet one should entail an assured license for their break and keep themselves updated about the Pulau Sipadan permit purchase forms. Several resorts can legitimately promise a dive permit, if one is prepared to lodge for longer than four days and 3 nights.

Besides, there is a higher probability of attaining the Pulau Sipadan Island permits during the low seasons as there are lesser tourists and the resorts are destined to have adequate number of permits obtainable. It is the finest preference of the visitors who have financial issues or time restrictions.

Famous Dive Sites

There are many diving sites in Sipadan highly popular among tourists. The drop off site is a very famous dive site. It is often referred as the signature dive of Sipadan Island. It is a 600m drop that would amuse the divers in the world of marine life.

Barracuda Point is another very famous dive site of Sipadan Island. It is at the north coast side and the one of the most cherished sites of Sipadan Island. Coral Garden is a very precious diving site as most of the underwater creatures and species can be on view from here. This spot is very valued to underwater photographers as they get the opportunity to capture those species in their cameras. Hanging gardens, Mid Reef, South Point, Staghorn crest, Turtle Tomb, Turtle Cavern and White Tip Avenue are other popular diving sites in Sipadan Island.

Now you know from where and how you will get the Pulau Sipadan Island permits and where to dive in on this island. So, don’t think too much and plan for an ultimate vacation on the paradise island of Sipadan in Sabah, Malaysia.

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