Experience the Best Snorkeling on Sipadan Island in Malaysia

Snorkeling on Sipadan Island Sabah Malaysia

As Jacques Cousteau described it, an untouched piece of art, Sipadan Island or Pulau Sipadan is one of those Islands in Malaysia that offers the best snorkeling and scuba diving to the tourists. Hence, it is always ranked among the best known Islands in the world and Sipadan Island ranked among top 10 diving sites in the world. There are some amazing pictures of the divers wearing the diving gears, along with some wonderful underwater creatures. These photographs are a main source of promoting Sipadan Island’s beauty, inviting the aquamarine lovers and divers from all across the world.

Snorkeling on Sipadan Island

There are some amazing beaches in Sipadan Island along with those in nearby Islands such as Mabul and Kapalai, which gives the tourists a great scuba diving and snorkeling sites to explore the magnificent coral reels and other rare creatures of this Celebes Sea.

However, not every visitor or a tourist is gutsy enough for a dive or scuba diving in Sipadan Island, therefore, for such non-divers, snorkeling on Sipadan Island is a great option. You can very much look at the reef fish, corals, other huge fish like shark and barracuda closely without having to leave the surface. The only hazards in the offshore seas could be the currents or boat traffic in the deep waters, whereas for the shallows the stone colored fish it is.

To every boat there is a safe side of the jetty that ensures a safe, potent and most productive snorkeling experience for the snorkels on Sipadan Island. The place where the jetty ends marks the beginning of the best drop-off point in the water, and that is one reason why Sipadan is so popular.

There are some tour operators that bring the snorkels to Sipadan within a package. If you are on a boat with other snorkelers, you can snorkel in the shallower parts of all those dive sites that can be readily observed by the captain of the boat.

The package that snorkeler might be offered is inclusive of a welcome drink, stay at the beach lodge at Mabul Island. There are three daily times of meal with drinking water. Five snorkeling trips and free transport through Sempora jetty, snorkeling essentials and gears and the return boat service from Sempora.

Detailed Schedule

On the first day of snorkeling on Sipadan Island, depart Semporna by boat at 8:30 am or 2:00pm. Check-in at Mabul SDC where you will be welcomed with refreshments and a small briefing on the entire plan. After the lunch you will be taken for your 1st snorkeling attempt at 3:00pm. The day ends with a lavish dinner at SDC Mabul.

On the second day, the breakfast is served at 8:00am, you are taken for your 2nd and 3rd snorkeling trips, and then after a lunch break is a 4th snorkeling trip. The second day ends the same way-dinner at SDC Mabul. On the third and last day, the time between the breakfast and lunch is free at leisure. At 4:00 pm a boat takes you back to Semporna. This marks the end of the service. Nonetheless, for a child aged four or below is not charged. Children aged between 5 and 12 years old are charged half the free. Moreover, all rates are subject to 6% GST.

Before you go, you need no special training to be able to do snorkeling on Sipadan Island, just an ability to breathe through the snorkel and swim suffice. Yet, when one is about to go snorkeling, it is highly recommended that you go in a group or with a partner.

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You will be briefed at the beginning of the trip about snorkeling and scuba diving and provided with an experience guide. This guide or instructor is responsible for your basic safety, will guide you about how to use your equipment, how and what to look out for, and would reckon you keep from damaging any of the marine life underneath through his conservation guidelines. This is because some creatures like corals are very fragile creatures and can be damaged effortlessly.

For children, there are special life vest available upon request. You may also rent an underwater camera. The purpose of this underwater camera is to let you capture your under water moments that you may want to preserve as a lifetime memory with yourself. It is not necessary to rent out the camera in case you have one of your own.

Hence, all in all you will have a great time under and above water with the special marine life, if you opt to go for snorkeling on Sipadan Island. Even if you are not a diver, you should take up this challenge, so that you can have something exciting in your diary of memory. Make sure to read the best time to visit Sipadan Island to make most out of your trip to this paradise island of Malaysia.

Aside from Sipadan Island, there are many islands in Malaysia as well offering a true snorkeling experience. To learn about snorkeling in other islands of Malaysia, read on below guides:

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