Reviews of Fa Fa Twins Online Slots

Reviews of Fa Fa Twins Online Slots

Designed for people who like games with a pan-Asian flavor, this 243-ways video slot contains colorful depictions of China-inspired symbols and a charming creative plot revolving around two acrobat twins. Not only can it captivate you with its stunning visuals, but it also offers some extremely enticing prizes when played for real money – up to an incredible 810,000 coins every spin!

As with the majority of BetSoft’s slot games, you may play Fa Fa Twins on any device you want. This slot is equipped not only with Betsoft’s standard double-up game, but also with a unique reel duplication function that may lead to very large winnings for any gambler.

Playing the Fa Fa Twins Online Slot

Fa Fa Twins is simple to play, so don’t worry if you’ve never played online slot machines before. However, it may not be the right game for you if you’re seeking free spins. Simply use the buttons on the left side of the screen to set the value of your coins and your chosen bet level multiplier before beginning your play. Both of these options allow you to alter the total amount wagered per spin from 0.25 to 125 credits.

As soon as you begin playing, you will be able to collect rewards from the screen’s 11 symbols, which are divided into two groups: regular and high-paying symbols. All of the rewards indicated in the paytable are represented in coins, and they all grow as the bet level increases. At the least bet level multiplier, the slot machine pays out between three and one thousand coins each sequence, however at the maximum bet level, payouts vary from fifteen to five thousand coins per sequence. And because to the game’s odd features, you won’t require paylines to activate such payouts; you may win in up to 243 different ways by combining symbols.

You may also discover a tiny version of the slot machine that you can play on any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet if you want to play on the go. Naturally, due to the smaller screen size of most mobile devices, the controls for Fa Fa Twins on mobile are different. Your spin controls are shown immediately on the screen, while your betting and Auto Play buttons are located in the menu in the upper-left area of the screen.

Features of Fa Fa Twins and Free Spins

Due to the slot’s unique gameplay principles, there are no paylines to consider while playing. To win a reward, you must gather at least three similar symbols over three or more continuous reels, starting with the reel on the leftmost position. It does not matter where matching symbols land in a column, as long as they are located on adjacent reels.

The game provides a bonus wild symbol that shows on reels two through five and substitutes for all paytable symbols to help you win more. The game also has an unique reel duplication function that may help you build larger and higher-paying sequences of symbols. This twin reels feature guarantees the appearance of at least two similar reels at the beginning of each play, making it easier to construct a winning sequence. The majority of the time, you will get just two replicated reels, but the slot machine might randomly generate three, four, or even five identical reels.

In addition, there is the double-up game in Fa Fa Twins, which allows you to double your winnings many times in a succession. Only when a payment has been triggered by tapping the “Double Up” button can this game be played. You will have the option of gambling your whole reward or 50 percent of it on a coin flip. Choose heads or tails to double your bet or lose it if you predict incorrectly.

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